The Warrior Lord - An Epic Tale Based on a Never Before Heard African Legend

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This intriguing fantasy book saga begins with a tale of two brothers who should never have been born…
For generations, the Muntzukwu Family had only one male heir who was destined to be the Muntzukwu or Warrior Lord, forged in the art of war craft right from his mother’s womb and who was to be the Sworn Protector of the Esu tribe answerable only to the King.
All was well for the tribe until one unfortunate generation came when there were two male heirs!

Moha was athletic, strong, brave and outstanding in the art of war while his twin brother Drego was frail, cowardly and physically lazy but what he lacked in physique and strength he made up for in cunning and extreme intelligence.

Still, after being detested and reviled by everyone including his own father and brother, Drego is adamant that the position of Muntzukwu will be owned by none other than himself…

The time has come for the Great Warrior Lord Makamba to choose from his twin sons, who the next Muntzukwu will be.
Who will you root for in the beginning of this epic tale were two brothers, who ought not to be, vie for the right to be the Warrior Lord!


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