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Learning of the dramatic social experience of recent years in Ukraine, and especially the circumstances of mass unrest, the struggle for power, and war, encounters with methodological difficulties. The immediate participants of the events hide their true circumstances very often, and the large masses of the population are simply unaware of them. In this regard documents, created directly at the scene of events by their participants, gain importance. Documents, where the reality is impartial and critical. Such documents include this book.
The book is based on diary entries, which are supplemented by the author’s later comments sometimes (italicized). This avoids the false memory of even subjectively honest informants when some time has passed after the event.
At the end of August 2014, the situation on the front was changed dramatically due to the direct intervention of the Russian Federation. Igor Orel writes: β€œThere comes an understanding of what is happening. It turns out that our troops can not withstand the blows of the Russian army. The main reason is that we had been fighting with gang formations before, which although had artillery and tanks, but could not aim at firing… Ukraine lost this stage of the war. Axiom - any peace benefits the winner...


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