Finding Anna

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*A powerful and eye-opening Amazon bestselling memoir *

Uncover an inspiring true story about life, travel, and self-discovery.

Dissatisfied with life and with his thirties creeping up on him, Vineeth Vijayghosh knows he needs a radical change. Embarking on a profound journey of self-discovery, he travels to over 20 different countries on a quest to unravel his past, experience life, and find meaning.

This thought-provoking memoir retraces Vineeth’s steps, exploring the insightful concept of Anna – a personification of the people and moments that marked pivotal points in his life. The product of over 6 years of soul-searching, Finding Anna combines poignant prose and reflections with gritty detail to provide a unique look at one man’s quest for his identity.

Every single one of us has encountered an Anna. They mark turning points in our lives, shaping the course of our story and forging the paths we take. This enlightening book seeks to explore the connections that build the foundation of our identity, drawing on Vineeth’s personal story to illuminate the rich and critical links that intertwine our fates and help us gain an understanding of who we truly are.


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