Emerald Heart

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Out of nowhere ..
.. in the only, unlikely way possible there he was, changing everything
A poetic love story, inspired by an enchanting experience and the events that followed
Powerful, adventurous, magicalPowerful, adventurous, magicalthe wonder of an unusual connection. The kind that defies all logic and human comprehension, apart from how love is already impossible to explain.
Through a chain of unlikely, serendipitous experiences I was pulled into a world I didn't even know existed. Already familiar and consciously working with universal law for several years, it invited me to so much more than the significant shifts up to that point: the person I never even knéw I wanted to be. I unwittingly accepted and nothing has been the same since.
An extraordinary soul-connection inspired me to write the poems you find behind this cover. A testimony of not only our unique bond, but also the interesting new direction my awakening journey had taken, offering me an incredible ride.. ★”
Are you a fan of romance and all things romantic? I never was. Not because I wasn't into love or didn't know it, I had actually been in a long-lasting, very loving relationship with a great man. Very down to earth I just didn't have a romantic bone in my body I guess. Then one day, single but not looking for - or even open to - anything new, a wonderful guy suddenly changed that and more. He is the reason & inspiration for this authentic book that covers different layers and aspects of an intense, mind-blowing journey of love I had no choice but to be on.
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