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About the Book:

Parents don't always love their children equally, and when they don't-it's no family secret.

A less loved kid's voice is usually odd, in that it's either too loud or soft, never heard -always questioned.

Unconditional love is the greatest gift I never got..

Lucy’s mom seemed to like one of the girls much better than the other, and that girl was not Lucy. She did not remember the day or age when she first realized this fact, but over the years, it became clear that Anne was the better daughter. And Lucy, loving Anne too much to take offense, readily agreed.

The Morgan family, riddled with dysfunction and abuse, ticks along maintaining its outward appearance of normality, until one day, Lucy overhears a shocking conversation between her mom and sister.

This new information forces Lucy to look at something traumatic she experienced in childhood with definite clarity. Parts of her sister's life have been completely hidden from her, and worse than that, her best friend, Finn, is involved. As Lucy struggles to decide what to do next, she realizes, no one she loves will come away from this unscathed-including her.

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