The Superhero Creators Marketing Booklet: Automated Marketing & Social Media Tools for Indie Comics

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Dude! The SUPERHERO CREATORS MARKETING BOOKLET for indie comics creators is free for a limited time on Kindle, and permanently at the booklet website! It's basically a useful list of 50 FREE AND CHEAP WEBSITES THAT COLLECT FANS FOR YOU WHILE YOU CREATE.

I spent years putting together the right resources, and oh so much money trying out the wrong ones. I polled comics creators, and found we as a group struggle with marketing to a level most indie authors don't, and we don't have time to promote because we're busy creating. Hence, this little booklet of 50 resources that make marketing easier, cheaper, and free-er for those of us who don't have the DC/Marvel/Image money. I’ve successfully crowdfunded a comic, a movie, and run a few group promos for books, but I’m young, so instead of relying on my own experience, I’ve drawn from the experts to get you the best of the best. I do my homework, and we all grow together. If you're a creator struggling with publicity, and you don't have much time or money for kickstarter after kickstarter and convention after convention, the superhero creators' marketing booklet should help you get your marketing started.


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