The Deception

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About the Book:

Fans of 1984, The Hunger Games, and The Giver, gather 'round for the all-new trilogy: The Island of Blood
Iris awakens to an unfamiliar world, her memory erased. The ruthless ruling party, known as The Committee, has brought her and five others to the island in search of a successor to the fallen Committee member. Stranded on island surrounded by an impenetrable barrier, Iris has no choice but to follow The Committee and accept their word of her history. But as the challenges progress, she begins to doubt everything she has been taught. Secrets lurk in the shadows, some of which better left unnoticed.
The Bookkeeper isn't as cruel as she seems. She doesn't agree with the rest of The Committee's ways, but siding with the contestants means betraying her friends. Will she have the courage to stand up to them? Or will she follow in the shadows, watching silently as they go down a path on which there is no return?
The Dictator has only one goal: to avenge the death of her boyfriend, Herman. However, his passing wasn't peaceful- it was murder, by the hands of a clueless Iris. How far will The Dictator's wrath take her in exchange for revenge?
The first book of this trilogy will have you devouring the pages to see what happens next!


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