The Deadly Dog Show

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jerold last
Mystery & Thrillers

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Free for three days, 6/23/20-6/25/20, The Deadly Dog Show. After that it can be purchased from Amazon for its regular price of $3.99. Free to download from Kindle Unlimited. A client hires private detective Roger Bowman to impersonate a wealthy sponsor showing a champion German shorthaired pointer, Juliet, at dog shows in California. His undercover assignment is to ferret out whether some of the winners are cheating. Before long, bodies of murdered judges start popping up at dog show venues.Β  Roger’s wife Suzanne is being stalked by a mysterious admirer. After Juliet finds a key clue, the trail leads from San Francisco to West Texas. Reviewers love the complex whodunit mystery and the inside information about how dog shows work. This Kindle E-book, part of a series, can be read as a stand-alone novel.

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