Bonds Of Chrome Magic

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Ever since Sammiroh, ‘Sam’ was a toddler, his family has had a strange relationship with death: His mother’s ever-warm corpse baffles all the coroners of the three-tiered, ringed world of the Triskai. The dark details of his father’s death remain heavily guarded like a vault of mystic gemstones. In his familial blood, only Sam’s elder sister, Sally survives. For a while, she entertained him with the fantastic myths of the Triskai---primeval stories of gods and goddesses, enchanting tales of magic and fate.

---Until she died---

A stormy funeral service held at three in the morning was bound to produce something bizarre. The coffin had hardly been hauled from the hearse before a chain of events began, changing Sam’s life forever.

Hunted by darkness, he turns to his quartet of friends for solace; only Parris believes him--- his best friend’s girlfriend with whom he shares a complicated bond.

As Sam struggles with loyalty, surviving the evils of a spectral assassin, and coming to terms with a bewitching yet frightening reality, he slowly realizes the source of his troubles goes deep into the history of the Triskai itself.

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