150+ Amazing Uses Of Baking Soda You Never Knew.

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How would you feel to make use of a very cheap substance in over 150 ways in your home and environment, saving yourself a lot of money and possibly make some money?

Welcome to the world of Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) the silky whitish magic powder that is very effective in its many uses, yet non-toxic. And so, so cheap.
A must-have in every household. And with a copy of 150+ Amazing Uses Of Baking Soda You Never Knew, in your hands, you are home and dry.
It is doubtful if God created any substance with more diverse you than Baking Soda, besides water.

Unfortunately, as useful and cheap as Baking Soda is, many people are ignorant of its uses. But not you anymore.
Your book will take you through the exciting journey of Baking Soda uses. You will discover its incredible uses in Health, Personal Hygiene, beauty, and cleaning that we all need to know.

It will take though its uses, in the house, in the kitchen, in the garden, for your car, for your health and beauty not forgetting your kids and pets. And many more.
If you are the enterprising type, you might even try to convert some uses to money. The man cleaning your car headlight for money uses Baking Soda. That and many other applications in the book could be used to make money.
Ok. You are not interested in making money with Baking Soda, what of the money-saving uses? You use Baking soda to achieve jaw-dropping results compared to the expensive proprietary products you buy outside. You definitely would want to save money, who doesn’t, anyway?
If, for instance, you make your own toothpaste, skin exfoliator, body fragrance, and deodorizer, you would have saved yourself some dollars. And trust me; there are more amazing things you can make with 150+ Amazing Uses Of Baking Soda You Never Knew,
Since I became an apostle of this powder, my house is cleaner with a constant pleasant odor. Not in my house would you find a crawling insect, whether day or night. My car shines all the time and my car headlights stay bright any day. Oh, my dog, Kim, loves the weekly dry Baking Soda bath which gives her bright shining furs.
With this book, you will have a fresh smelling and sparkle kitchen with Baking soda versatility in the kitchen. The moment you use Baking Soda, you get positive comments.
See a few of the recipes you get in 150+ Amazing Uses Of Baking Soda You Never Knew,
β€’ Wet Bathing For Dogs
β€’ A Face & Body Exfoliant
β€’ No Way For Dandruff
β€’ Nails Are Whiter
β€’ Stretch Marks, Go, Go
β€’ Car Fragrance For Almost Free
β€’ Make The Meat Soft And Tender
β€’ Soil pH Meter
β€’ Alkaline water, A Must Have.
β€’ Drop The Fats And Have A Flat Belly
Trust me, with 150+ Amazing Uses Of Baking Soda You Never Knew, all things are new. Domestic chores are easier and better. Your environment is safer and you live a chemical-free life as baking Soda is natural. All these cheaply because Baking Soda is damn cheap.
The only regret you would have is, why did I not know about Baking Soda and 150+ Amazing Uses Of Baking Soda You Never Knew, before now.

It is not late. Go up and press the buy button.


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