Character and Structure: An Unholy Alliance

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Character and Structure: An Unholy Alliance, takes the guesswork out of story planning, troubleshooting, and creating stories. It shows you where the structural and emotional points are in every story, and how to use them to meet your audience's expectations.
Manuscript assessor and writing coach Chris Andrews has decades of experience in mentoring and teaching writers. In Character and Structure he puts it all on paper and shows you how to deliver on your story's potential.
The good news is, it's easier than you think, and once you know how character and structure work together you can give your audience exactly what they want without compromising your vision.
Character and Structure uses examples from successful books and movies to show you how all the major structural story elements work together, taking the guesswork out of story development, writing and editing.
This creates stories people will love, share, and want to return to.
Each chapter raises questions and uses examples from popular movies and books to illustrate why great stories work and how to do it yourself. At first glance, some even appear to do everything against all conventional wisdom, but on closer inspection they apply the same story techniques you'll find in almost every successful movie.
Through this book you'll find well-tested and successful ways of engaging your audience on an emotional level, while allowing yourself the freedom to tell the stories you want to tell.
You'll learn how to:
• develop a succinct, clear and focused story premise
• create rules for consistency
• break down story structure and apply it to your own works
• troubleshoot problems
• make your audience care so they keep coming back for more
For new and experienced authors alike, Character and Structure is the essential guide to developing the skills and techniques you need to create powerful stories: gripping, well-structured and entertaining. It does this by putting the most powerful storytelling tools available today at your fingertips, and more importantly, it shows you how to use them.
It's your easy-to-follow story guide, and the single most valuable book you'll find for creating powerful storytelling, no matter your genre or skill level. You can't afford be without it.


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