Touch and Learn Numbers – Teach toddlers 1 to 10 with this interactive sound enabled eBook for early

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Teach your toddlers their numbers 1 to 10 with this interactive early learning book that plays sound just like a Sound Board Book
Easily show your preschoolers their numbers by getting them to read this interactive sound enhanced eBook which if included in a daily reading routine, will quickly help them to recognize the numbers one to ten easily.

Uses a unique approach to help kids learn the concept of numbers and what they are used for ( Counting ) at the same time!
This book will teach kids the numerical digits 1 to 10 and help them associate the numerical digits with the number of objects that they represent. This will help them in quickly grasping the process of counting objects.

Consists of 3 activities to help the kids to learn the numbers 1 to 10
The interactive eBook to teach preschoolers the numbers 1 to 10, has three fun interactive activities:
Learning Number Activity:
In this activity, each number is displayed to the child with a dot representation of the number in order to enable association of the numerical digit with the number of objects it represents.
The child is required to press a button to hear the numbers read out loud. This activity will increase participation of the child which in turn will encourage their interest in learning numbers.

Touch and Listen to the Numbers Activity:
In this activity, the child is required to touch labeled objects arranged from 1 to 10. Doing so will have the numbers labeled on the objects read out loud.
This activity will help to solidify mastering of the names of numbers as well as aid in associating the number of objects with the digits that represent them.

Touch and Count Objects Activity:
In this activity, the child is required to “count” 10 groups of objects by touching them. As each object is touched, the digit representing its position is labeled on the object.
With this basic animation-like effect, the child will get a feeling of actually counting the objects and getting reactions from them!
With this interaction, the child’s repeated engagement with the eBook will help to imprint the idea of counting in them.

Your toddler will enjoy this book as it has the following features
- It is a very entertaining and interactive book for kids aged 3-5 and above designed to keep their ever wandering attention span.
- It is an engaging book where kids can hear sounds by clicking on the buttons
- Features 3 Touch activities that get the child to engage with the book in order to achieve results
- A great learning tool to teach children to count and learn their numbers
- A very colorful and entertaining early learning book for kids in preschool and kindergarten
- A very educative early reader book for level 1 readers which teaches number and counting for preschoolers.

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