The Journals of Micah: A memoir of many through the eyes of one

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The Journals of Micah is the story of a young man’s journey of self-discovery and gradual, heart-felt addiction to life on the road. Desperate to break free of small-town living in rural Australia, Micah once believed joining the army to be his only ticket out. Being turned down gave a kick-start to what would soon become his right of passage. Within a few short weeks of volunteering at a church in the Philippines, Micah survives the deadliest typhoon in the country’s history. The death, suffering, and devastation he witnesses there, while delivering humanitarian aid, leave the author struggling with PTSD and challenges his belief in God.T he Journals of Micah is a raw, honest, and at times emotional, tale of a young man’s joyous road to self-understanding. Join him as he hitchhikes, motorcycles, and works his way through the back streets of Asia to the Himalayas. An unfiltered account of the cloud-touching highs and crushing lows of this young writer offers readers the sort of food for the soul that we all crave.


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