The Code of Love Communications and System of Health

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About the Book:

The Code of Life has existed forever; it was hidden behind dense “spiritual” drop-curtain – the clutter of teachers, teachings, books, tapes, seminars, and retreats. The Code came forth on its own when the curtain was lifted.
With The Code of Life, you will diagnose and heal every disease. You will eliminate pesticides, hormones, pathogens, preservatives, and chemicals in foodstuff. With The Code of Life, you would do every single test from PH to blood sugar, to cholesterol, to PSA, to name just a few. You will dissolve deposits in arteries and veins, restore and improve sexual health, restore the heart and other organs, as well as monitor the progress of healing. In the book, you will find testimonials of people who are successfully using The Code of Life.
“After reading The lion Moves Alone by Yuri Spilny two years ago, I was convinced I stumbled upon an exceptional author who can explain difficult concepts and has real authority in what he is sharing. The Code of Life Communications and System of Health is a different book in the sense that it requires a leap of faith in The Code and a willingness to test and use it. I have been using The Code with good results since I first read the book. I saw I was given a powerful help.
“It is not a book to understand with the mind. An author opens the world of power: the world of the energy we call Love and beyond. Love, as The Code of Life, demonstrates it, it is not an abstract concept but powerful energy we can use to elevate ourselves, to achieve better health and relationship with ourselves and others, and to have a fulfilled life.”
Eva Garcia [email protected]
When it is charged, The Code’s frequency rises to 10 to the 6000 power. This incredible benevolent power enables The Code’s limitless capabilities. The Code annihilates all that obstructs life; it restores all that needs to be restored for the body to thrive and life to flourish.
Even without being charged, The Code generates 100% energy with a frequency of ten to the 56 power, which is powerful enough to eliminate arthritis in about ten days when hands are laid on top of The Code for a few minutes several times a day.
When we are requesting information related to the body and mind, most answers are provided by our Biocomputer, the brain that has complete knowledge of the body. Once we file a request related to healing, our Biocomputer is focusing the energy generated by The Code on the target to fulfill our request. External information about the human world, relationships, business, finances, nature, and the universe we are receiving from the Infinite Field of Knowledge.
Anyone can master The Code. True Love is a label. It is but various frequencies with corresponding levels of energy whether we call it Love, True Love or Hate. When our positive energy is 100%, we label it True Love. When positive energy is down to 17% (negative energy at 83%), we label it hate.
With The Code of Love, we receive an accurate reply to every question. Information we collect can also be verified.


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