Guns and Saffron

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“Addictive, fresh and enlightening.” NetGalley.
“Intricate plot and emotionally wired.” Goodreads.

Mission M is a top-secret terrorist plot to avenge the killing of bin Laden. Can the power of love stop it or will bin Laden speak from his grave...

Yakub is a seasoned militant who will do anything to free Kashmir. And he really means anything.

His handler, Major Khaleel, a renegade officer in Pakistan’s intelligence service, wants vengeance for the killing of his mentor, bin Laden, which drives him to devise a terrorist attack codenamed Mission M - the mother of all paybacks.

Hassan, Yakub’s nephew and the orphan of a militant, is entrusted with the responsibility of fulfilling Mission M to avenge his father.

Shehed, Hassan’s lover, is a strong-willed woman who tries to stop him. But can she?

And Rafi is a habitual crook who is always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A tense and fascinating novel of conflict, both political and personal, and the extraordinary lengths people will go to protect those they love.

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