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You will love this story. You literally will not want The Coma Whisperer to end. An edge-of-your-seat true story. Reveals how hypnosis brought an eight-year-old drowned then revived, comatose victim back to conscious awareness. Based on actual events, within 48 hours of using hypnosis, Jonathan could once again communicate with caregivers and his family. Proof positive guided imagery and positive suggestion (complementary alternative medicine) methods can work, even with some people in a vegetative state. Spiritual! Real! Believable! A must-have book for TBI caregivers.

The Coma Whisperer Gives Commonly Unknown Stress Relief Help

Moving and inspiring, this well-written, awesome drama reveals a process of how to connect with unconscious people. Though most people think there is nothing else they can do in such a dire situation, hypnosis is a complementary medicine method to relieve stress. You begin to see possibilities of how you can improve life by choosing to see life differently.

An Alternative To Feeling Hopeless

The neatly woven story keeps this a real page-turner for you, using a method of stimulating consciousness most caregivers rarely think to use. Exhausted caregivers find useful ideas in The Coma Whisperer to use for their comatose loved ones.

Imagine becoming a caregiver who knows how to effectively speak to someone in a consciously-challenged state. What would that mean to you? The Coma Whispererย gives you a glimpse into the power of words for bringing unconditional love and peace to a comatose/vegetative state loved one.

This is an amazing and courageous account of how caregivers can uniquely improve quality of life by using safe and proven-effective hypnotic suggestion.ย  When understanding how you naturally use hypnosis, and you use it intentionally, you can reduce your stress.ย  Why? Because you are using hypnosis regularly anyway. Knowing HOW to use it helps you effortlessly achieve life goals.

All Hypnosis Is Self-Hypnosis

Did you know that almost anytime you express a strong emotion, you also create a hypnotic mind state as well? It is a natural nervous system phenomenon!

Changing Perspectives Gives Hope and Naturally Reduces Stress

Depending upon the MEANING you mentally assign to what's happening in any given situation, beliefs can be emotionally charged.ย  These emotionally-charged beliefs can cause energy blocks. To relieve the blocks, you change your perspective of what's happening. Because you CAN change your thoughts, you CAN transform self-limiting or self-sabotaging beliefs and habits.

After you change the way you define a situation, you then feel different. Because your different thoughts can change the way you FEEL, you can also make new decisions. This new way of seeing things is at the key of using correctly formatted hypnotic suggestions. Changing your perspective to an empowering, forgiving or optimistic view effectively reduces stress. Because you feel better you get happier. A happier life is a BETTER life!

Though this book addresses a comatose person's situation, sometimes we all are unaware of what meaning we might assign to a certain life situation.ย  Because you can change the meaning of a situation, you can change how you want to act. When you feel safe to act like your real self, you can mentally see your personal value change, too.ย  Feeling worthy, deserving and good enough to be your real self can reduce stressed feelings. Using hypnosis, you can change your perspective which naturally reduces your stress. The Coma Whisperer gives examples of what to say to empower stressed people, even those in vegetative-state.

Hearing Is Active In The Comatose

Hypnosis can work well for many of those in a coma because accounts from those who came out of a coma reveal their hearing was active when consciously unaware. They can tell you things they heard you say. For this reason, please be aware that being positive helps those in a coma feel hopeful things can improve for them.

Warning! Do not try to use hypnosis with comatose people unless a medical doctor approves it. Some people are intentionally drug-induced into a coma for their benefit.

Overwhelmingly positive in nature, the extraordinary story ofย The Coma Whispererย may forever change the way you see your world.ย  Here spirituality emerges through a mix of science and actual life experience.ย  Find uplifting connections and awaken the spirit within while exploring lifeโ€™s possibilitiesโ€ฆ

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