Super Cowboy Rides

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Meet six-year-old Tommy Johnson, Super Cowboy and Super Story-teller. Want to build a box to capture wild cats that roam the farm? How about tips on catching a greased pig at the fair, or teaching a stubborn lamb to avoid being trampled by angry milk cows? From the first paragraph, when Tommy explains why dogs are smarter than cats and why he needs a dog for a pet, he wins us over with his down-to-earth and humorous view of the world. With his clumsy new puppy, Tippy, and his troublesome lamb, Nosey, Tommy finds adventure everywhere. However, once Tommy begins school, things get complicated. He gets picked on by teachers and mocked by the other children. And then tragedy strikes. In the process of dealing with his grief, Tommy learns the meaning of true friendship.

    “The little boy, Tommy, reminds me of Calvin from the Calvin and Hobbs comic strip by Bill Watterson because of his mischievousness. It is such a fun book to read!" - Celese Sanders (syndicated columnist of Little Bits Of Life).  

   "SUPER COWBOY RIDES reminds me of when I was a boy and we would visit my grandparents' farm in Utah where my cousins would try, in a loving way, to kill me. It has a ring of authenticity; I loved each chapter.” - Jack Weyland, best-selling author of Charly and other YA novels.

     “This is the perfect family read-out-loud book. What will this little cowboy do next? We laughed so hard, and my eight-year-old begged me to not stop reading. SUPER COWBOY RIDES reels you in from the first page.” - Stephanie Ashcraft, NY Times Best-selling author.

     First in a trilogy of three books in the Under Open Sky series, this is a humorous and inspirational book about a boy, his dog, and sheep. It is a story that deals with challenges of bullying, at times funny and other times serious. SUPER COWBOY RIDES inspires good values and makes good, fun bedtime reading for kids with at least one picture per chapter. Great for readers of all ages from children to adult, you might name this one of the best books you will read, especially if you like animals and the antics of mischievous children.


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