Life in a Faceless World

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‘Life in a faceless world’ is an Award-Winning Finalist in the Fiction: Multicultural category of the Best Book Awards at the American Book Fest.
The novel follows Nila, a young woman from South Asian (India), as she relocates to the United States in an arranged marriage. The story unfolds as she learns a new, unexpected culture and tries to hold on to her own. Each chapter is the representation of different events in her life that exposes the cultural mindsets of people from that region to the western world. The story is set in both, US and India allow the readers to experience the Immigrant mindset. 
Pages of this inspiring book also hold the secret to finding true happiness in the midst of struggles in our daily lives. Novel also attempts to promote a greater understanding between cultures and facilitate friendships between diverse groups, thereby removing the fear incited from ignorance. Book is available in Kindle, Paperback and in Audible formats.
Book Blurb:
When Nila comes to America, she ventures to this strange land on a dependent visa, a wife in an arranged marriage she had no control over. Now faceless in a lonely world, she drifts amongst the clouds and people, learning a culture she never expected while desperately trying to hold on to her own. There is sorrow and joy, adventure, and loss, but above all, there is love.
Written from the heart and mind of the displaced, Nila’s story explores what it means to be a voyager through the unknown, an immigrant in a land of immigrants, each vying for a place and a home. It speaks to a connection while baring the soul of the global society we have created. 
Culture, assimilation, love, and pain all come together in a lyrical wonder that will make you cry, warm your heart, and stir your soul… one that will stay with you long after the final page is closed. 

Editorial Comments
"This book is beautifully written. This can also serve as a text book for cultural awareness for Schools and businesses" - Dr. Richard J. Zelonka, Professor of Management Development at The Pennsylvania State University (Retired.)

"Nila is an amalgam of the experiences of many young girls who leave their country for a new life in the US."-John Gardiner, Book Critic 
"The story of 'Neelan,' and Ex-Millitary officer Alex, are extremely riveting, the way the character has been brought about and the mystery, and the subtle hints gives an Orhan Pamuk feel " Mohan Kannan, Online Book Critic
"There is really a wonderful bounty of cultural detail that comes through. I found myself reveling in the detail of Nila's life both in Minneapolis and India. It gave me a sense of what a huge cultural jump, immigrants must feel when they come to a new country different from the one they grew up in." -Terry Hayman, Author & Critic
Cyril Mukalel is an author (fiction - Life in a Faceless World), story writer, poet and a lyricist. Mr. Mukalel has been a resident of Minnesota for the past 20 years. He was born and grew up in Kerala, India. His writings are influenced by the values and dreams of ordinary people. Cyril’s accomplishment includes winning the prestigious 2013 Loft Inroads Fellowship for emerging writers (Loft is nation’s largest and most comprehensive independent literary center’s headquartered in Minneapolis) and numerous other awards for his short stories, poetry and short film. As a writer with immense experience from both Western and Eastern worlds, Cyril has a lot more to offer to the literary world. The focus of his writing is to promote more understanding between cultures and to facilitate friendship among diverse groups

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