The Reckoning: A Time Travel Thriller

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If given the opportunity, would you risk everything to travel back in time and reconcile past regrets?

Driven with dreams and aspirations to find a link to the past, fueled by lament to reconcile the night her mom died and her sister became drug addicted, Taden Barret, spent a lifetime unraveling the secrets of time travel through her study of physics.

Now, almost 20 years later, leading her own team of scientists, she has solved it.

But what she thought would help set her past right, may be the catalyst for her destruction and the downfall of her country.

Working for a secret government agency, Taden learns that she has made deadly associations with people she thought she could trust. After a revenge plan is revealed from secrets kept, she must look within to fight this deadly development.

Meanwhile, terrorists have taken advantage of a weakened government structure with a deadly strike on civilians in both New York and Los Angeles, at a time when all communications had been cut off, leaving the world uninformed. Taden's sister, Ruth, lives in Los Angeles and could be a victim of the great reckoning.

She must deliver time travel before it's too late.

Will Taden survive the ultimate betrayal?


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