Betting On Love (Betting Series Book 1)

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November Cole doesn’t believe you can find true love on reality dating TV shows, but she’s arrived in Las Vegas for The Lock anyway, for the fun of it. She’s game to compete with dozens of other women for the heart of Finn Taylor--the handsome bachelor looking for the love of his life. While the other ladies are there for love and an engagement, she plans to flirt and enjoy the drinks and the date adventures for as long as she can.

But November has another secret that sets her apart from the other women vying for Finn’s heart. She’s bisexual. And surrounded by breathtaking women in skimpy dresses and lots of alcohol, she might be in trouble. When November meets Jesse Chase there’s an instant connection, so November does everything she can to be closer to Jesse as often as possible.

To stay on the show, November continues to go on dates with Finn, connecting with him more than her skeptical heart ever thought possible. After dates on camera, and time spent getting to know Jesse behind the scenes, she finds herself more and more unsure of who she really wants as her heart is pulled in two very different directions. While juggling both, November’s hoping that her confused heart will eventually open up and tell her who to choose.

Can love win November over, or will she end up on a plane home--alone--with neither of the people she’s falling in love with?


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