The Warm Evenin' Before Fall

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Unfortunately, the choices you make, good or bad, both selfish and altruistic, affect the surrounding people. Now think.... What sacrifices can you live with? Life is to live and to cope, Esther learns this the hard way, while her life's journey goes through multiple twists and turns. Her eyes see things a normal human shouldn't. Her feet carry her to a path no one should ever travel. Which leads her to many crossroads. Take a breather; Now sit and listen to the Life of Esther.... Her Warm Evenin' Before Fall...

The story begins on a rainy evening with an elderly lady, an outdoor enthusiast. Sits on the porch and enjoys the scene with a cup of hot chocolate. She falls asleep in the storm's midst, as time itself rewinds and brings her to the past, with no memories intact. This Lady, known as Esther, who was once a grandmother with a child of her own. Now again as a newborn within the arms of her Nana. Ignorant of the fact that the supernatural world draws nigh. Where apparitions and souls that consider themselves the absolute Being prowls and feeds on the weak. Along with celestials, goddesses, science fiction creatures and folklore spirits like kitsunes. All come crashing together into a modern society before the new millennium.
If this piqued your interest, I’m sure you’ll even more enjoy the contents within. Pick up a copy and enjoy it during the night for a spooky rollercoaster. Or any other time, for a good read of literary scenes and interesting characters. Thinking reading this for a date night… Will see how that goes.

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