Touch and Read the Naughty Worm – An early reader interactive story book with sounds and songs

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Teach your kids to read any book by exposing them to the words in this early readers book The words used to tell the intriguing story in this interactive book for children, are part of the 100 most common words found in books and mastery of these words by your kids will mean that they will be able to read and recognize words more.

The list of common words used in this book includes:

am, and, away, all, but, big, call, come, could, did, for

go, got, his, had, he, in, my, not, once, on, one, out

over, said, see, so, saw, to, too, the, time, they, then

up, very, was, will, when, were, you

Teach your kids the importance of obedience and listening to their parents with this book’s cautionary tale Kids always find a reason not to listen to their Mum and Dad. This book will show them why they should always listen and instills this message with a catchy song that can be sung along, and encourages kids to always listen to their parents.
The story tells of a little naughty worm that doesn’t ever listen and almost gets into trouble. Will he learn his lesson and stop being a naughty little worm? Read this book and find out!

Engaging narration and sounds to keep the child’s attention in this kids interactive book Kids will love to listen to this read along book with reading buttons that can be turned on and off when needed.
The characters in this early reader kindle book are fitted with reading buttons to read out their lines in the story and this will make for a very interesting and entertaining story reading experience.

Includes an original sound track “I will listen” composed just for this read along story book for children This book sports a catchy tune with a very helpful message in the lyrics for the kids. Kids will love to sing along the tune and in doing so, they learn to read through singing.
Once they get the message of the song, they are sure to listen and obey every thing you say!

Includes a Touch and Learn Activity for the kids To better understand the common words, the children will be exposed to a Touch and Listen exercise were they will be required to touch a word and listen to its pronunciation. This way kids can learn how words are pronounced and get familiar with the spelling.

It's a Fantastic educational Interactive tool for early readers.

They'll love this book as it will
• Expose them to the most common words used in the English language
• Contains a moral story to teach kids about being obedient
• Contains a catchy tune that kids will enjoy
• Create a lovely bonding time as you and your kid can sing together as the tune plays
• Kids will learn to recognize words and read while using the book
• Provides a pleasant interactive experience, sure to amuse and entertain them
• They learn to sing to tune!

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