Your Default Settings

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Default settings in tech and in life have something in common: They help us at the beginning but may limit us in the long run. This book will teach you how to update your defaults so you're more fulfilled at home and more impactful at work.

"A book I wish I could give to myself a decade ago"
- Scott Berkun, best-selling author of The Myths of Innovation

"Thought-provoking and practical. This book gives you a step-by-step guide to adjust your routine so you can be your best self."
- Darin Suthapong, CEO of Indy Dish

"Rad helps us evolve from the minimum default settings we inherit to living each day to our fullest."
- Dr. Thomas Schildgen, Professor Emeritus, Arizona State University

"The simplicity in message and actionable advice is packed to the brim in this book. I've found myself using this framework consistently at least once a day."
- Kiran Pathakota, Senior Technical Product Manager at Amazon

"There are many challenges faced as we move through our lives, but Rad Wendzich clearly and creatively shows the way you can reset your default responses to life so you can become a truly authentic you! With engaging prose and steps to take to reset your default responses, this book is inspiring and will motivate you to change for the better."
- Penny Ann Dolin, Associate Professor of Practice at Arizona State University

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