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If you believe a story has two sides, apply that same logic to relationships. Every relationship involves two people, and they each have different ways of expressing their feelings, different expectations regarding each other, and view things with different eyes.

Icy Road is the story of a couple who see their marriage differently. JANET is happy, longs to start a family, and believes her husband's reticence is just his way of clinging to the contentment he has in their relationship.

PAUL, her husband, has realized he should have thought past the wedding night. Life should not be dull when you're young and successful but his is. It’s become a rutted routine with little excitement. That changes when he’s with his girlfriend Ursula who is everything Janet is not.

An accident on an icy road causes Janet’s marital house of cards and Paul’s future dreams to collapse. Was it karma, God, the man behind the curtain, or Mother Nature, who set in motion events which would change her life. Paul is involved in a car wreck that ends two peoples lives and damages several more. He’s severely injured physically and Janet becomes emotionally harmed when Paul unmasks a secret he’s been keeping. The unearthed truth makes Janet question how a person can forgive as God does when that someone crushes another person's heart and upends lives, and transforms the emotional equation of a marriage.
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