A Thin Line Between Love & Hate: Original BK 1/Volume 1 (Love Conquers All)

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**The extremist group in this story is loosely based on the Westboro Baptist Church located in Topeka, Kansas.

Josh Waylon is a prisoner in his own home, his own mind. As a member of an extreme religious group who has targeted homosexuals, Josh is forced to live the hate that the leader--his father--has poisoned them with. But Josh has a secret of his own, one which would bring him extreme pain and punishment within the group and alienate him from everyone he knows.

When the group moves to a new town—a predominately gay community—and Josh attends his new school, he feels like a sheep amidst wolves as the many gay kids within the school know exactly who he is and what his family does. Josh feels no security with his two older brothers, who expect him to suck it up and accept the persecution as a servant of God.

Brandon Nichols immediately detects the difference between Josh and his brothers, seeing deeper within the young man and the truth he is hiding, desperate not to be found out. Brandon believes his calling is to help bridge the gap between the gays and Christians in his school, but he has his work cut out for him with Josh Waylon and the extremist group that has him locked down—emotionally, spiritually...and sexually.

TRIGGER WARNING: Book contains depictions of abuse that may be triggers for some readers.

WARNING: Book contains strong language and M/M sexual scenes.

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