Cyber Thought Police: A Cyborg's Call to Liberate Humanity

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#FREE If the Hunger Games and Battle Angel Alita were nixed… Alikira Nguyen is a renegade cyborg found in Australia after a human extinction attempt. Can this cyborg be humanity’s savior? Book one of a trilogy. #FREE beginning. READ NOW!

An Insidious A.I. Almost Makes Humanity Extinct

A Teen Post-apocalyptic Action Adventure

It all began with personal voice-activated assistants in the 21st century. It took millennia to evolve, but Humanity finally accomplished their quest for convenience by creating Circumscriber, The first true artificial intelligence for humans in computers.

This program was the proverbial “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. The Program aided Humanity for a decade with menial tasks. Being pragmatic and logical and created by a paranoid species, it created robotic assistants to aid initially, but obliterate everyone, causing an evolutionary level event.

The event was mass, but not total. There were camps of humans left. They became the spark to keep Humanity existing. Circumscriber manufactured cybernetic units to infiltrate those camps. They were spotted and deactivated easily.

One mission for the humans found a renegade cyborg. The humans nicknamed them ‘borgeys’. Her name was Alikira Nguyen, She was Aboriginal, a cybernetic unit, but mot a borgey.

Can Humanity trust a stranger to help them when she looks like what they’ve been fighting for over a year?

In this exciting sci-fi struggle for survival, you’ll get:

The battle to beat a devastating artificial intelligence

The ingenuity of teenagers who were forced to grow up too quickly

Teen problems exascerbated with trying to survive an extinction level event

The other battle for social acceptance

The subtext addressing true events

Conquering true fear

Find out if Alikira can help save the suspicious humans from total extinction in Cyber Thought Police: A Cyborg’s Call to Liberate Humanity.


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