Defiance (Voidstar Empire "Part 0")

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The mysteries of the cold universe beckon the privileged and the protected, and soon that call will be answered.

Crass Lieutenant Cole Outstar aces his tactical exams, throwing his peers to shame as he rises to the top of the promotion board charts, but not all goes as planned, and the once starry-eyed boy turns to get even. With the help of his insectoid roommate, the two set off for a heist that neither will forget, and The Federation will never live down.

When Cole makes the wrong decisions again and again, who will rise up to hunt him, and where will he run for shelter? When he's separated from the only one he can trust, to whom will he turn?

This is the "book zero" short story prequel to Voidstar Empire, and is a great entry point into the series: a sci-fi adventure thriller with heavy military themes. Expect tons of action, a little world building and tech, and an immersive universe!

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