Easy Speeches: Instant Inspirational Speeches and Motivational Messages for Busy Leaders

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Do you struggle to find the time or inspiration to write motivational speeches to energise your staff, students or parents?
Are you after a great motivational speech for your team for the start of the year, or an opening devotional message, or perhaps a graduation speech and you wonder – where do I start? What can I say that will inspire, motivate or help leave a lasting legacy in the minds of staff, parents, students and/or their families that will stand them in good stead with the ultimate goal - to help launch them into greatness! 
‘Easy Speeches’ has done it all for you and will give you an instant solution to impress your staff and colleagues!
Buy this book today and be ready to share a message that will inspire, energise and refocus your audience with positivity and power!
“Easy Speeches: Instant Inspirational Speeches and Motivational Messages for Busy Leaders” contains a number of high quality, tried and tested Christian speeches and motivational talks to rejuvenate and impress staff, parents, students or clients.
Suitable for a variety of workplace situations such as schools, churches, youth groups and businesses, it includes great speeches suitable for graduations, motivating staff, beginning of year messages to parents and/or students or end of year farewell speeches - just to name a few.
The purpose of the book is to save the reader time and effort by providing them with a ready-made speech complete with downloadable script and notes. For every message there is a FREE PowerPoint presentation to accompany each one. All you have to do is modify the speech or presentation to suit your audience/purpose, then simply rehearse and present it! Easy!

Each talk is designed in such a way that the user can very easily modify it to suit their audience and then implement with a minimum amount of skill and/or preparation time.
Whilst it is ideal for those who are in leadership in schools or businesses, it will also be an interesting and informative read even if you have no plans to ever give a speech!
The messages are rich, motivational and can easily be used in a devotional sense for personal and spiritual growth. There is even an optional prayer at the end that you may like to use.
If you are one of those busy people who struggle to find the time to write a motivational speech or put a presentation together to uplift staff, students or parents for the future – then this book is for you.
These instant speeches and motivational talks will help you look good as a leader, build your confidence and the confidence of others in your ability to lead.
‘Easy Speeches’ has done it all for you and will give you an instant and affordable, tried and proven, winning speech or message on a variety of topics to take, tweak and deliver today!
"Easy Speeches 2: More Instant Inspirational Speeches and Motivational Messages for Busy Leaders" is also available on Amazon.

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