The Spiritual Manual For Eating Disorder Recovery

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The Spiritual Manual For Eating Disorder Recovery is a book that will finally free yourself from any and all eating disorders and food addictions. The information provided teaches you the core origination of your eating disorder, reasons why you feel any and all emotions, and how to change.

You will learn a vital and proven 10-step spiritual process for not only recovering from your disorder but also to change your entire life. The 10-step process will reprogram your subconscious mind allowing you to recover and eliminate your disordered and food addicted thinking and behaviors.

This book can and should be read by anyone. It comes from the perspective of eating disorders and food addiction of all types. But can be applied to absolutely any other addictions as well.

-Other Addictions

Any and everyone who struggles to any degree with addiction, dependency, reliance, habit, or a seemingly unwanted engagement with anything they feel controlled or semi-controlled by, can benefit and change with this simple manual.

The 10-step subconscious reprogramming process was created to be beneficial for someone who does not have addictions as well.

Begin being happy, joyful, and free today.

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