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Enough is enough.
Ryn Davis has reached the end of her rope.
She wants out of the toxic relationship with her uber-rich rock-star lover. Whatever they once had together has evaporated. All they do is argue. She's run out of excuses for staying with him. Since his mother's death nine months ago, he has become more controlling and more demanding. Maybe because she's ten years older ... on the brink of early menopause ... she realizes she does not want to grow old with the great Stone Wall.
After a particularly bad argument, she refuses to have sex. goes to another bedroom, and takes a sleeping pill. Well, technically, a hormone--melatonin. Insomnia, sleepwalking, and night terrors are only a few reasons she never sleeps. If she's going to leave, she needs sleep.
The next morning, she returns to their bedroom and finds Stone dead.
Shot with two bullets she claims she never heard.
The detective in charge challenges her assertion that she heard nothing. He considers Ryn the prime suspect--the only suspect.
Over the next two weeks, three more people die. Strong circumstantial evidence puts Ryn in the crosshairs.
Fighting to prove her innocence, she begins to doubt her own convictions.
A fast-paced, cat and mouse story plays out as Ryn faces the real possibility that she's the next victim.

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