U.S. Political Prisoner Since 2004

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Frank Garner. Ted Lympus. Ed Corrigan. Peg Allison. These are real people, real politicians and real criminals. Operating under the auspice of government, Kalispell and Flathead County authorities are in truth a gestapo-style racketeering organization that has escaped all accountability for decades. And now Frank Garner seeks to be elected to state level government, spreading the influence of these corrupt officials even further.

This is the very real story of what happened to an innocent man who stood up and objected to the unlawfulness of this Mafioso group, and how far these criminals have gone to silence him.

There are people who do not want you to read this book - this is a book attacking the credibility and careers of long-entrenched corrupt officials - and Ron has challenged very powerful and dangerous people by publishing the facts and documentation he has in this book - but he needs to speak, before there will be no opportunities left. Most people are unaware of the daily struggle Ron endures in real life for his freedom, but the necessity of exposing the truth has compelled him to publicly speak out.


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