Ron El's Comic Book Trivia Volume 10

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About the Book:

The number 10 has been critically important throughout history. It is the core of the decimal system, and has represented everything from the base sexes to the symbol of the universe. And there could be no better number to represent this landmark volume for Ron El's Comic Book Trivia, especially as it marks 100 weekly online contests, as well.

This issue marks the second anniversary of the online contest as well as the publication of the series that contest has inspired. As always, the total realm of comics is explored in this edition, capped off this time with a legion of heroes - the Legion of Super-Heroes, to be precise. What better way to mark 100 contests?

So dive in, my fellow comicdom faithful - feast on this crowning volume, giving you collectively over 1000 questions and bits of history over the life of this series! And we are not even close to being finished with the journey...


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