Peter of Oz (Book 5 of the Oz-Wonderland Series)

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Peter Pan has returned to Neverland - but it is not the faery world as he remembers it. Gone are the tribesmen and beasts, and in their place are goblins, ghosts, a dragon - and a second Peter Pan! Nothing is as it was, and the Peter most recently of Oz must find a way to make a difference in this entirely new world before two warring witches can destroy Neverland!

At the same time, Toto is on a quest of his own to find a way to defeat the Cheshire Cat. The one person who knows the Cat's secrets though might just be too mad to help at all!

With a faithful eye to the original Baum, Carroll and Barrie classics, Peter of Oz continues the latest epic in the modern Oz-Wonderland series.


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