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About the Book:

This is the third book in the Evolution's Path series, but they are all also stand-alone stories.
If you'd like to read them in order however, the first one, 'Killing Tomorrow' is free, and the second one is 'The Ladies' Game'.

Here is an excerpt from the end of 'The Ladies’ Game'.

‘The men that are left will be calling the shots when it comes to choosing partners. What’s more the small percentage that are still fertile will decide who has children and who doesn’t. It will be an uncontrollable genetic and sexual street market with the price dictated by supply and demand.’
There was a moment’s silence, then Wenna said. ‘I don’t think we can allow that, can we?’

So the story continues, and…

Whoever controls these men controls the future of the world.

After the virus, men are rare.

Fertile males are even rarer.

They have to be protected and milked of their semen if humankind is to survive.

In this female-dominated world all but a handful of the viable males are in England, kept in a luxurious, heavily-guarded ex-SAS compound, prisoners of their own fecundity. They are serviced by 'milkmaids', whose function is to secure their precious semen, which has become prime international currency.

Colloquially known as 'The Milking Shed', the very existence of this facility is a source of festering international envy.

With the threat of functional extinction looming, England's possession of these valuable males is increasingly in jeopardy as resentment and the rising level of risk stirs up the rivalry of old enemies America and Russia.

They both have the military might to simply take what they want. All that stops them is a nerve-jangling nuclear stand-off.

After a winterless European winter, a blistering hot summer is forecast. And, on both sides of the Atlantic, heat fuels the social and political passion for procreation.

As England's weak defences start to buckle, society fragments and its leaders begin to lose control.

In this dangerously fractured world can Fleur Nichols, thrust into an unwanted leadership role, put aside the agony of her son's abduction and save her country from annexation as the major powers jostle for dominance?

Or has everything gone beyond the point of no return?

A mother's love is a ferocious weapon but the odds are stacked heavily against her.

Buy this exciting techno-thriller to discover what the future may hold for mankind.

It's perfect for fans of Tom Clancy, Margaret Atwood and Michael Crichton.


‘This is a taut, handsome job, beautifully written, full of real characters and acute observations.’
The New York Times

‘Exceptionally well told, with satisfying outcome.’
Columbus Sunday Dispatch

‘Peter Hill does a fine job with character, plot, atmosphere and suspense.’
Publishers Weekly

‘… an acute professionalism. What is even better, it has the holding qualities of a rock-loving limpet.’
The Bookseller

‘Taut, sharp, fast moving.’
Manchester Evening News


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