The Washermen

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The Washermen. (A Commander Allan Dice Spy Thriller)

‘Peter Hill has done it again—a fast moving, action-packed thriller involving the secret service, the police, and underworld criminals.’
Coventry Evening Standard

Three ruthless 'Washermen' arrive in England from Hong Kong.

Their task is to disrupt the protection rackets operated by the 14K Triad in central London, which they proceed to do with ruthless and ingenious efficiency.

It is the 1970s and Britain has lived with curse of the sinister Chinese Triads for too long and repeated failures by MI5 to penetrate the highly effective Chinese Secret Service have now goaded them into joining with the CIA in a new and extremely questionable undertaking known as Operation Redlight, directed by the unscrupulous Roger Firth.

The sudden outbreak of deadly violence brings Redlight into fierce conflict with Scotland Yard's Commander Allan Dice.

One of the most trusted officers in the police force, Dice soon finds himself waist-deep in a dangerous, corrupt and vicious world of rivalry, espionage and murder.

As the death toll rises, Dice learns his enemies lurk not only in Soho’s narrow streets and London's decaying dockside but also deep within his own sphere of control.

In this brilliant story of detective and intelligence officers at loggerheads, Peter Hill has created a dynamic and compassionate thriller, set against the sinister world of London’s Chinatown. And again Allan Dice, whose personality played so dominant a part in The Fanatics, quietly but powerfully asserts his strange integrity.

Press comments on The Washermen

‘Zippy, intricate Chinese puzzle laid out with high laconic skill…'
‘Intricate and skilful… Hill is more than a find’
The Sunday Times

‘Very clever, very nasty.’
Marghanita Laski, The Listener

Peter Hill is an author and playwright who regularly wrote for many top-rated British television series including, ‘Special Branch’, ‘Z Cars’, ‘Callan’, ‘The Bill’, ‘The Sweeney’, ‘Crown Court’, ‘Public Eye’, and ‘New Scotland Yard’.

As a novelist he wrote the highly successful Staunton and Wyndsor Series of police detective novels set in various locations in Britain. They are: The Hunters, The Liars, The Enthusiast and The Savages.
Each of these is a stand-alone novel, with the same two major protagonists.
They were originally published worldwide by major publishing houses and are now available as eBooks.

After a successful career in television drama in Britain and New Zealand, where he now lives, Peter has recently returned to novel writing in a new genre and Evolution’s Path is a trilogy of near and far-future novels which depict a disturbing vision of an apocalyptic future after a deliberately engendered worldwide pandemic.
Killing Tomorrow, The Ladies’ Game, and Procreation are now available as eBooks and in print editions from Amazon.

Press comments on the author’s Staunton and Wyndsor series

‘A really first-class who-dunnit’
Essex Chronicle

‘Exceptionally well told, with satisfying outcome.’
Columbus Sunday Dispatch

‘This is a taut, handsome job, beautifully written, full of real characters and acute observations.’
The New York Times

‘To follow…the brilliantly inspired tracking of Hill’s two detectives is a joy apart from the brainteasing please of accepting the author’s challenge to identify the murderer.’
London Evening News

‘A really good thriller writer’
The Daily Telegraph

‘Lies, gossip, and jealousy... fail to deter two of Scotland Yard’s finest in this entertaining mystery with an extra twist or two ...or three.’
Pittsburgh Press

‘Peter Hill does a fine job with character, plot, atmosphere and suspense.’
Publishers Weekly

‘I’d like to see Messrs. Staunton and Wyndsor in more books. They’re a lot of fun—and they’re good detectives.’
Daily Press Newport News, Virginia.

As John Eyers he wrote 'Survivors: Genesis of a Hero', and 'Special Branch: In at the Kill' based on the two renowned British TV series.


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