QUOTES for WRITERS - 600+ Famous Quotations & 100+ Motivational Author Stories

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About the Book:

You'll find writing prompts, and sparks for your imagination through humor quotes, blunt opinions, and even writers' quotes for therapy. These inspiring quotes, with practical tips and advice to improve your writing skills, will motivate you to keep writing your book.

“Rejected pieces aren't failures; unwritten pieces are.” - Greg Daugherty

Quotes For Writers includes stories of famous authors who had the dedication and perseverance to keep going through rejections. One author didn't publish a book until they were 74, and another is still publishing best sellers at the age of 85 - so it's never too late to start (and finish) your book.

Review: “Quotes For Writers has so much wisdom in it that even if you are not a professional writer you should still read it. Everyone needs to write to communicate at one time or another and this book will prove invaluable. And you know what else, it is very entertaining. Highly recommended 5-stars.” - B. Nelson, Amazon


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