What Hides Beneath

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This book is the winner of the Pen Craft Best Christian Fiction Award, 2018

Lt. Detective Philip Samyn suspects his chief would like to see him retire. He was saddled with a rookie officer and now has to investigate low-level crimes, ones not expected to be solved, but ones that must have the paperwork done. If they weren't trying to oust him, then why else would his boss assign him and his team to the missing laptop crime? He and his partner Melvin Moore have worked together for over twenty-five years and have been never had a case go to the cold file.
When they arrive at the medium size museum, they learn that more goes on in one besides dusting the artifacts.
The night before, Ellis Whitmore, the museum curator who is an expert in Asian Art, hosted an appraisal gala. The appraiser, Annette Williams, is a world renowned expert in art, and at one time before moving to New York, worked for Ellis at the Richmond, Virginia museum. Usually, they agree on a pieces worth. Last night was different. The young researcher, Allison, found hidden in the museum basement, a piece that when cleaned, was thought to be rare porcelain vase made by a famous Japanese warrior in the late 15th century. Annette, declared to be a replica worth only a few hundred dollars. Ellis believed it to be priceless and had it insured for millions.
What should have been a night of jubilation, turned into a night of disbelief.

Allison hoping to show she was right, goes back to the museum the next morning to retrieve her laptop only to find it's gone. But that's not the only missing thing. The insurance investigator, Pete White, was asked by Ellis to spend the night and go through the gathered research and photos. He wanted Pete to know the vase was worth the amount on the policy. But Pete has disappeared along with the night guard and the vase.

Suddenly, the case which seemed a waste of time has perked up Samyn's interest. Maybe he'll be able to share some of his wisdom on how to solve cases with his rookie after all and if his boss wants him gone, then he better find a better case to bore him into retirement.


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