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Two young boys are caught up in the world of fighting. Problems between pretty girls and guys are the catalyst for the fights.
In the story violence or bullying is a matter of everyday life. There are victims but no heroes. Bullying and fighting are the featured story. Fighting organizations and bullies combine to put a stranglehold on an entire community. Names and races of those in the story are changed. This is not a feel good book.
Ninety percent of the book is the story. About ten percent is practical advice. As a practical matter, many people enjoy fighting for theater. This book is that too. Thus, those not interested in bullying and fighting issues may find the book interesting. The book is a journey to experience a fight.
The feature story provides a nice window to look at fighting and bullying issues. Martial art concepts of eliminating fighting and stopping bullying are on display.
Fighters are not exonerated or extolled. Fighting and bullying are topics which are addressed in meaningful ways. Limitations and productiveness of fighting are issues, and both are thoughtfully discussed. The feature story provides prerogatives to enable a better understanding of bullying and fighting issues.
Stopping bully behavior can be extraordinarily difficult. This story is no exception because it took five years to stop bullying around a handful of young beautiful girls. Accuracy in describing social conditions around fighting and bullying is the intent of the manuscript. Advice to stop bullying behavior is provided.
Profanity in the book is minimal. Some words are highlighted with asterisks in order to allow the book to be readable for a youthful audience. Profanity is only used in rare exceptions where no other explanation completes the narrative. There is no explicit sexual material in the book, but sex was a factor in living conditions. Sex is only mentioned because it was a catalyst for fighting, and the topic is handled with extreme care and caution.

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