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The difference between typical male and female behavior is so big that the two genders seem to have come from different planets. Is this correct? Of course not. The truth is, a wrong social stereotype can lead you to serious problems in your personal relationships.
Behavior depends much more on temperament and educational background than gender. However, being aware of temperamental traits like “a choleric person gets angry very easily” and “a melancholic person is sensitive” is not enough to see through a man. You need to know what to expect from him in various situations at home and in public, and how to get along with him in the best possible way to ensure a long and healthy relationship.
The purpose of the book “My Man” is not only to help you explain some of your partner’s previous actions, but to foresee future actions as well—without any chiromancy, astrology or card-reading. Find out what you can do to change aspects of his behavior, and what cannot be changed in him no matter what you do. Learn how to use his virtues to the best possible outcome, and how to overcome his shortcomings. In short, gain the knowledge you need to be happy with your chosen one.

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