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The Lion and the Lamb

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This bedtime story book for children contains stories with moral lessons to teach little kids the values of life that will make them stand out in future.
Stories in this book include:
- The Lion and the Lamb
This bedtime story teaches kids to always be ready to take advice when given as they would need it due to their inexperience in many situations in life.
- The Frog and the Water Lily
This story teaches kids to be careful not to judge things the way they appear as it's what lies underneath that really counts.
- The Crab and the Octopus
This is a tale of a really boastful crab that pays the price with its life for being a bit too cocky.
- Free eBook: How to draw a rat
Kids love to do crafts and learn to do stuff with their hands so this free activity eBook will show the kids how to draw a rat from scratch!

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