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The Other Side of the street

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Hamilton had his future planned out. Everything was right on track with college until his father had a heart attack and every dime of Hamilton’s savings went to paying off the medical bills. Now, he’s desperate to earn it back so he can head off to school like he’s always wanted. His method is selling homemade jerky from his father’s RV. The only problem is the person parked on the other side of the street.

Jay’s family has struggled to pay the bills for as long as he could remember. Since he was fifteen, he’s been selling homemade honey at the same spot, right up the road from the grocery store. Then came some jerk in an RV, parking in his spot and adding competition where there never had been any before.

Jay’s never been a hothead, but Hamilton brings it out in him when the two start clashing over the location. It doesn’t help that Jay can’t tell if he hates Hamilton because he stole his spot, or because that smirk Hamilton gets sometimes is a little less annoying than Jay wants it to be. Not to mention, Hamilton might think that Jay looks a little cute when he gets wound up. They would have been happy to never do more than just glare at each other from across the street. But when a fancy new food truck arrives and threatens to put them both out of business, the two have to put aside their differences and team up to chase off the competition.

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