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The Guitarist

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The Guitarist is a story about an orphaned young boy with a mysterious past.
The author follows a young boy Ethan who slowly transforms the lives of those around him as he teaches them to embrace the smaller things in life.
Ethan is a mixture of simplicity and complexity whose disarming innocence has a profound effect on the people he encounters on his journey.
Ethanโ€™s goodness is not a mysterious quality that defies logic and imagination but rather a quality cultivated in him by the intentional efforts of his wise and loving father.
This is the story of a young boy raised to see the good in everything, yet as the story unfolds he encounters injustice, poverty, sadness, dashed hopes and many other things that mar the natural beauty of God's creation.
The Guitarist presents an encouraging tale to look beyond the horizon and not allow the world to dictate one's action.

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