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Colony Darkstone

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Pick up Colony Darkstone, the second thrilling installment in the Alphas series, today!

It is your worst nightmare. It is everything you’ve ever feared. It is your doom.

Welcome to Colony Darkstone.

A new threat to the Academy has emerged, and the Colony’s opening act is to kidnap world-famous singer Lena Silver, an Alpha with incredible untapped power. The Academy responds in kind, sending in their best and brightest to save Lena and shut down Darkstone operations.

They also send in Theodore Hertz. He’s not the best or the brightest, but he’s the only Alpha they’ve got. With Lena’s life on the line, the team escapes into a counterfeit DOME. As the clock runs out, Theo has to step up and lead the way out of the nightmare. Just one problem—the simulation is out of control....

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