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Best of Friends - A Book about keeping friendships alive for kids of age 3-8

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Making friends is easy but keeping them can be hard. This book is all about that!

Enjoy the story of two bug buddies, Sam and Jam who love hanging out together. They do all the things that best bug buddies do like chewing grass and bathing in mud.
But one day, all this ends when they have their first fight ever!
If you’d like to know what caused the fight, if they resolved the fight and what these two bugs did to become friends again, get this book!

A very colorful book showing what it takes to keep strong friendships alive!

The story may be about two bugs, but if you’ve ever had, or wanted to have a best friend, then you may have more in common with these bugs than you might think!

This story book is perfect for young readers to know the actions, feelings and emotions shared in friendships like having fun, sharing time together, getting angry, having fights, feeling lonely without your friend after the fight, making up, loyalty, standing by each other no matter what, showing consideration and understanding for your friend’s shortcomings as well as making and keeping good promises.

Let’s just say if you want your kid to know a thing or two about true friendship, do them a favor and have them read this book, today, tomorrow and the days after the day after!

A fun and engaging book for the kids

This book promises to be fun for the kids because
-It has engaging and colorful characters
-Is written with words that rhyme which will make it fun to read aloud to kids
-The characters in the picture also speak (comic style speech bubbles) in simple sentences, convenient for early readers to read and follow
-Oh and there’s a free audio-book you can download and listen to right now!

The last and most important thing about this book is you can never gain from its many benefits unless you do one little, tiny, whinny thing …

And that’s buying the book or at least borrowing it to read if you are on KU.
Now go have some fun reading Best of Friends!

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