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14 Days - 14 Pounds (Weight Loss Guide): Low Carb Daily Plan

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This complete guide will take you through your first three weeks of low carb eating, from "What should I eat today?", to "Wow nothing in my closet fits anymore!"

There are 26 zero carb recipes and 41 one carb recipes! Most of the recipes are under 6 carbs, and ALL of them are perfect for anyone going through Phase 1 or the Induction Phase of a low carb eating plan. Even if you've graduated to Phase 2, 3 or Maintenance, these are recipes that you'll want to have at your fingertips for days where you need to recover from a high carb meal or two.

While the author gives you five recipes per day, if you don't want to cook on a particular day, just use the list of 0 Carb, 1 Carb, 2 Carb, 3 Carb ... foods to replace any of the recipes for that day or use the Quick Snacks section to make a quick meal.

Save hours per week with these quick and easy recipes.

And finally - to make everything as easy for you as possible the author has set up a free service - Shop Hop, which readers can use to automatically build a shopping list using the recipes in the book just by clicking on the recipes!

Buy The Book ~ Follow the Plan ~ See The Results!

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