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The Supernormal Ability Cookie Kids' Club

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When middle schoolers Cassie, Dayne, and Natasha wake up with brand-new superpowers, they think these gifts are going to solve all their problems. Cassie, who's going blind, can use her power to "see" in a whole new way. Dayne, the youngest of eight kids, can finally be the hero of the family instead of the ninth wheel. And Natasha can glimpse the secrets she's always wanted to know about her parents and grandmother.

They quickly find out, however, that the gifts are temporary. They'll vanish on Halloween night.

For Cassie and Dayne, that just won't do. Together with Natasha, they form the Sack Club, united by one mission: to keep their supernormal abilities forever. Even if it means they have to frame the class bully, sneak around in the boiler room, and damage a little school property in the process.

Meanwhile, Natasha watches her new friends get themselves (and her) in more and more trouble, and she starts to wonder: just how far are Cassie and Dayne prepared to go?

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