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The Trilogic Worlds: The Fictional War

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Emmanuel was always an ordinary, run-of-the-mill boy, but upon receiving a mysterious letter with even more mysterious instructions, he is thrust into a complicated battle encompassing all three worlds of Earth, Destroyia, and Fantasia.
Destroyia and Fantasia are fairy-tale worlds, filled with the classic fictional characters whose lives Emmanuel has loved reading about - reading is his sole escape from the dullness of real life.
Yet these worlds come with a twist. Despite the beauty fairy tales suggest, villains had the upper hand and dominated all in the once-united land of Destasia. The cruel Destroyians enslaved the smaller population of kind-hearted Fantasians in their unified land. After decades of oppression, the Fantasians' only option was to flee to a whole new world.
But united under one fearsome and scarred leader of suspicious origins, the Destroyians are coming back for the Fantasians, despite the powerful magical barrier the Fantasians created.
And then they are coming for Earth.
Will Emmanuel be able to help the Fantasians to victory and find his long-lost father in the fairy tale worlds as the letter suggests, or will the Destroyians rule all three worlds?
A book you can't put down, The Trilogic Worlds is an expertly woven, enthralling story crafted by a thirteen-year-old.

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