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Haunted In California (Truly Paranormal #5)

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Dancing apparitions, a statue that moves, a spectral police officer who is still writing citations from beyond the grave. This is not just the stuff of horror movies and mystery novels. A tall winged figure, an entity who has tried to smother the living, premonitions, disembodied voices, and an image that witnesses swear is Jesus Christ himself. These and more are true occurrences happening in some of the most ordinary places.

In this fifth book of the Truly Paranormal Series, you will read about places in California, such as Golden Gate Park, the USS Midway, the Whaley House, Preston Castle, The Comedy Store, Colorado Street Bridge, San Francisco City Hall, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Alcatraz, and more. Join me as we delve into the history and reported paranormal activity of some of the most haunted locations in California.

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