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The Changeling Race Complete Trilogy

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The fairies are up to something…

Ex agent and recovering dancer, Liz Larson, never wanted to see the other side of the veil again. Of course, fate could care less what one human wants.
Her old partner has gone missing, someone is killing elves, and a madwoman is hell bent on closing the gates forever. Like it or not, Liz is back in action, and right off the bat things are going to get ugly.
There’s a serial killer on the loose, an entire village of murdered gnomes, and something dark lurking in the Seelie court’s memory. Something that wants out.
Something that wants revenge.
Something that means to destroy both of the worlds she loves.
Only the fairies know what’s really going on, and Liz has a way with fairies. All she has to do is convince the little monsters to play along.
The Changeling Race: A fairy-centric urban fantasy featuring three full novels.
A Moth in Darkness
The Fly in Paradise
Spiders from Memory

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