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European Identity: The Death of National Era?

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This book examines identity and the nature of European identity through analyzing different theories which help to define in which theories can European identity be ascribed to. It offers scholars' reflection over European identity and makes a definition of European identity. In the second chapter it explains the role of European identity on the constitutional ratification (2004) as well as demonstrates the contribution of the Constitutional Treaty (2004) on the consolidation of European identity. It draws conclusion over the European constitution and its future. The third chapter confronts European identity with national identities in EU and draws conclusions about weather European identity will supersede national identities of Europe, as well as demonstrates the erosion of national identities in Europe; conclusions are supported by statistical data published in several Eurobarometers. The data published in the form of a table in this chapter traces the consolidation degree of European identity from 1992 to 2008. The last chapter argues about the existence of a European civic demos as well as gives scholars criticisms over the national views on demos conceptualization. In the end the reader is left to decide about the answer to title

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